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Content specialists

We are a boutique e-learning services company with bucket-loads of experience in providing high-quality, timely content in a variety of mediums.

In addition, we have many years experience of running face-to-face and synchronous web-based training courses.

All in all, we have extensive knowledge and experience of effectively communicating technical information to a wide range of people from junior staff to senior executives.

Jo is a pleasure to work with as she is very dedicated to delivering an exemplary product. She understands the nature of the business and works with her clients to gain the best possible results.

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We have more than twenty years of experience in writing and creating content for a variety of purposes including:

  • Teaching effective and efficient ways to use a variety of applications including document management systems such as iManage Work and NetDocuments, and other software including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, InterAction, Carpe Diem, Elite 3E, ChangePro, pdfDocs, compareDocs, cleanDocs and Workshare products.
  • Working with a large international charity to guide young people through the apprenticeship application process.
  • Educating people on basic trade compliance issues.
  • Supporting the introduction of templates within various Government departments. 

…truly professional, Jo’s work is exceptional.

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We’d love to find out if we can help you with your project.

We can provide services ranging from writing a manuscript for your e-learning project, which your developers can then use to build the finished product, right through to creating the finished e-learning project for you including providing crisp, clear narration and voice-overs.

Jo’s work is flawless and her attention to detail is meticulous.

Feedback from a satisfied client